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Friday, May 13 |
Program Characteristics
The characteristics that distinguish the Executive program from other programs offered by the Trisakti, Institute of Tourism are as follows:
Students of the executive program are students that already possess a Diploma III certificate or those that have not accomplish their study at a tertiary tourism educational institution, but already have a minimal working experience of 2 years in the hospitality and tourism field

Lectures in the class are performed 2 times a week with additional independent learning and assignment tasks as well as tutorials to achieve the required graduate competence.

The time required by each student to accomplish his/her study, is based on the assessment process of their respective work experience which will be recognized as a competence that is set as a requirement for graduates of the Diploma IV as well as the credit transfer process of subjects that the particular student obtained previously.

The transfer of subjects and working experiences into competence units and subjects that are equivalent is done through an Assessment and Acknowledgement Process of the Learning Experience from the work performed, a process known by the term Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Program Objective
The objective of presenting an executive program is to support the achievement of the STP Trisakti’s Vision and Mission as a tourism educational institution to produce human resource in the field of tourism that are of excellent quality as seen from the national as well as global scale needs.

In general the objective of offering this program is to produce executives that are reliable and of excellence in the service industry, in particular tourism and hospitality. It is expected that the graduates not only gain sufficient capability and entrepreneurship but also possess adequate intellectuality in analyzing and finding solutions for problems they may encounter in their work, and as such being competent in facing business competition that they may encounter.
Besides, the objective of organizing this program is that it can function:

  1. As a place for D-III graduates and those students that once attended tertiary level tourism education and possessing minimal 2 years of working experience, to gain the opportunity to continue their study and obtain their diploma IV certificate providing the educational title of Sarjana Sains Terapan (SST).
  2. As a place for the practitioners in the tourism industry who already hold a position of minimally as supervisor and intent to improve their personal competence to enhance their working quality through a learning process at a formal tertiary educational institution and gain their official graduate certificates.
  3. To provide the opportunity for practitioners in the tourism industry to improve their capabilities in order to develop their career at the position and type of occupation requiring graduate qualifications.
  4. To actually participate in creating a “Comprehensive Life Education” system, which is instigated by the Indonesian government as well as by the global educational world.
  5. As a real form of recognition that the learning process can come about in a formal, non-formal as well as informal manner as stipulated in Republic of Indonesia Law No.: 20 of 2003.


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