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What I Am & What I Do

My name is Nyong Ullath. I have been currently working as an E-Commerce Supervisor at Swiss-Belhotel Manokwari International.

I build and write this Blog all refers to my life, my home town, my work, Tahija Foundation (They offered me a Scholarship Program to study at STP Trisakti ), STP Trisakti "Trisakti Institute of Tourism (The University where I started to learn about tourism).

Working Experience:
I started to work at Aston Natsepa Resort & Conference Center and this was my first time to work at Hospitality Industry. Frankly, it was so hard, but finally I got more than experience, it just like my lecture's (Mr. Budi Sambas) said "What You Do, What You Get". E-Commerce, EDP, Graphic Design were actually my job. It might be sound absurd that three jobs only handled by one person, but that's me who always kept relying on Tete Manis to make everything goes beautiful at the time.

I moved to Swiss-Belhotel Manokwari by the beginning year of 2011. Now I am working as an E-Commerce Supervisor also I am acting as an Internal Graphic Designer for Swiss-Belhotel Manokwari. 

With 2 years E-Commerce experience, I specialize in:

Travel Click

Software & Programming Skills

Expert Knowledge:
VHP (Visual Hotel Program), PABX, Mikrotik, Adobe Photoshop, HMTL, CSS, FTP.

Working Knowledge:
JavaScript, Jquery, Mikrotik, BackTrack Linux, PHP, FireWorks.


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