Scholarship and Travel Grants

Thursday, April 21 |
The Foundation provides scholarship to potential but disadvantaged young people enabling them to pursue university education, especially in areas of biological sciences and health. The scholarship in general aims to expand the skilled and talent pool of Indonesians human resources with a deep sense of responsibility to improvement of their society.

Up to the end of 2004 disbursement was done through other organization like the Yayasan Beasiswa Trisakti (Trisakti Scholarship Foundation), Dana Beasiswa Maluku (Maluku scholarship) and a Lions Club chapter in Jakarta.

In January 2005, in addition to channeling the assistance through partner organizations, the Foundation began to manage its own scholarship program. Currently the Foundation supports two groups of students attending diploma programs. The first one consists of qualified children of Austindo employees. The second group consists of students of mix background from the once-torn area of Maluku who are sent to the Trisakti Tourism Institute and must return back to Maluku to work after completing their college.

A recent example of the travel grant was the March 2005 award to a group of University Indonesia’s students to take part in the Phillip C. Jessup International Moot Court Competition. The 2005 competition was based on a hypothetical case of a marine accident near an archipelagic country during transportation of nuclear waste. The Indonesia team ranked 22nd out of 105 competing teams and the moot court proceedings is available upon request as academic reference for works in conservation of marine environment.


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