The Jean and Julius Tahija Memorial Library

Thursday, April 21 |
The Jean and Julius Tahija Memorial Library comprises a private collection of books, photographs, historical mementos and documents, reflecting the personal journeys and achievements of these individuals and recognizing the values that were the foundation of their accomplishments. The accomplishments of Jean and Julius Tahija are an example of how two individuals rose above the tumultuous times they lived through and practiced their values despite external pressure that might have compelled them to do otherwise.

From the mid-twentieth century, Jean and Julius began collecting books about Indonesian history as seen and described by explorers, naturalists and colonists. Over the centuries the archipelago has been influenced by diverse cultures, including Chinese, Arabian, Indian and European traders and explorers and European colonists.  In the years ahead the Tahija family plans to continue collecting and preserving documents and books that describe several centuries of history of what is now the Republic of Indonesia. The collection already includes several volumes of this nature and going forward may be extended to cover a broader range of history that considers Indonesia in a regional context. The trail back in time to date has led to tomes that have been preserved and written mainly by Europeans. The library may eventually include documentation of voyages by Chinese, Arabian, and Indian explorers.  To continue portraying more recent developments in Indonesia, works of contemporary Indonesian literature and history will be added to the collection.

The Library officialy opens on March 6, 2006 although access to collections is still limited and by appointments only.


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