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Thursday, April 21 |
In Yogyakarta, a key-stone research has just been concluded to test a method to control and prevent Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever. This is an effort to breakaway from the practice of being only reactive after the dengue has broken out as an epidemic. The research is expected to provide mechanism and ways to be ahead of the curve and nip the problems early on. This is a breakthrough research that may not have a direct benefit for ANJ companies but when proven successful will contribute tremendously to well being of communities at large. 

The research on targeted intervention to three primary containers (Bak Mandi, Bak Air and residential wells) shown effective results in controlling the pupae but did not result in significant control of the adult Aedes aegypti nor in transmission of dengue. While the hypothesis can not be proven, results of the study and lessons learned will be published widely and the Foundation is looking into possibilities to study other compatible methods to controlling dengue.

The research was done in collaboration with the Atlanta (US) based CDC Foundation and the Faculty of Medicine of the Gadjah Mada University and full support of the government and the people of the City of Yogyakarta. To date the research already leveraged supports (in-kinds and expertise) from corporate collaborators like ESRI Corporation (GIS software), GIS Associates (GIS expertise), and Sumitomo Chemicals (IGR), and organization the Scobie & Claire Mackinnon Trust (Melbourner, Australia), Give2Asia and the Rockefeller Philanthrophy Advisors.


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