Development of Learning Center in SD Mangunan

Thursday, April 21 |
The (primary) school in Kalasan, Sleman at the outskirt of Yogyakarta was established in late 1980s by the late Romo Mangun –a great educator in his own right. The school offers a breakthrough program known as competence based which fosters communication, explorative mind, creativity and integration of both physical and mental development of students. Such approach however was shunned by the local Education Services Office so the school has to survive on its own resources.

Since the school caters to local low income families in 1998 it stopped receiving new students and was left to die slowly. In October 2001, the Foundation stepped in to assist with construction of classrooms that helped the school to revive. The Foundation donates computer and office equipment and is assisting the development of a Creation Center – a medium for teachers, students and community members to learn and expand their creative abilities to improve well being.


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