Other Assistance Programs

Thursday, April 21 |
While not directly falls into the focus areas, the Foundation from time to time diverges its resources to support activities that are viewed as essential to the well being of communities or societies at large. Such assistances include:

  • Support to documentation and dissemination of indigenous cultures of Maluku (in collaboration with the Sejati Foundation, 1994)
  • Support to documentation and archival of traditional dances of Maluku (in collaboration of the Andarinyo Center for Cultural Development, 1996)
  • Support to the Nusantara Orchestra development program (through the Nusantara Orchestra Foundation, 1996) and support to development of the CSIS library and information center (CSIS, 2001)
  • Construction of a community mosque in the Jampit village of Bondowoso, East Java (2000)
  • Support to documentation and publication of an archeological find and excavation of 16th century merchant boat in the estuary of the Brantas river in Bojonegoro, East Java (August 2005).
  • Partial assistance to two displaced families who lost their entiry house in the February 2006 landslide and flood in Kairagi, Manado.


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