Support To Preserve Nusantara Culture

Thursday, April 21 |
  • Documenting and disseminating the indigenous culture of Maluku in collaboration with the Sejati Foundation, 1994
  • Documenting and archiving the traditional dances of Maluku in collaboration with the Andarinyo Cultural Center, 1996
  • Development support for the Nusantara Orchestra through the Nusantara Orchestra Foundation, 1996
  • Development support for the CSIS library and information center, Jakarta, 2001
  • Support the document a community-initiated excavation of an old wooden boat found in the Begawan river-estuary, Solo, 2005
  • Support for exploration and excavation of several archeological sites and artifacts in Muntilan, Sangiran and Trowulan, as part of a longterm study examining pluralism and indigenous cultural traits throughout the Archipelago
  • Support to preserve an historical gamelan set valued as part of Solo Cultural heritage, subsequently presented to the Solo Art Institute


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